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Why this site?
This site was started a while back because I couldn't get ringtones into my Nokia 3210. I could not read music so I started looking for a way to convert RTTTL or Nokring ringtones from Nokring into the Composer format. The site has just grown from there and the program is updated on a reasonably regular basis.

How this site is managed? was originally created using Allaire Homesite but due to the number of pages and updates, it was becoming a pain to copy and paste all the menus and bars to all pages. Also I do not like or use FrontPage as it tries to do too much and adds lots more code to a page. So I ended up creating a program to generate a complete website automatically. This is what is now used to update the site. What would normally take me an hour or two now takes a second or two! I intend to release this program as well at some stage.

ConvertYourTone is hosted by EasySpace in the UK. I chose EasySpace mainly because of the unlimited bandwidth deals they offer which was necessary as regularly serves a massive 1.6Gb of data daily!

About Me
I am a freelance software consultant working on a number of projects at any one time. My specialist skills are primarily database software development and website development using ASP. The tools I use are Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic, ASP, PaintShop Pro and Allaire Homesite (still - it's the best)

I currently live in Sydney, Australia although I'm from the UK and regularly travel back. Sydney rocks!

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