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 Use this page to download your ringtone software. Please note that this software does not generate the new generation of Polyphonic Ringtones. You will have to get these sent to your phone via an SMS service provider.
Step-by-Step Example


download self install Ringtone Converter V3.3
(1.34MB) Self Installing, Full help supplied with program.
New features in this version include Keypress conversion bug fixes, batch conversion to WAV files, multiple ringtone lists. Already have V3.2? Click here to download the update (227Kb). If you encounter installation problems or bugs in the software then please email
download self install Ringtone Converter V3.3 (1.8MB Zip File) requires Winzip
This version is identical to the one above but is contained in a zip file which will need to be estracted first. Only use this install if you encounter problems with the one above.
Download Nokring Now! Nokring V1.5 (1.66MB) - Full Version
Fully fledged music Composer. Generates RTTTL code for use in Ringtone Converter. Play back your ringtones. Mono ringtones ONLY.
Download sample RTTTL ringtones 85 Sample Ringtones Here is a file containing 85 RTTTL ringtones for you to download and try. Unzip them to a directory and use them in the program. Alternatively just go to the Ringtones Page.
Get WinZip! Some of the above downloads require WinZip to extract the file contents.

Setup and Installation

  1. System: Windows 95/98, NT 4, 2000, ME, XP
  2. Hardware: PC, Nokia 3210/3310 Cellular Phone OR Nokia phone with Composer
  3. Ringtone Files: Nokring RTTTL data files or Nokia 3210/3310 Composer files (freely available on the web)
  1. Download the .EXE self install file from the web site to a directory on your hard disk.
  2. Remove any previous installed version by clicking Start|Settings|Control-Panel|AddRemove Programs.
  3. Find the EXE and run it. It will self install to your machine.
Limitations The Nokia 3210 is more limited on ring tone features compared to other phones and therefore some tones won't work fully. Be aware of the following:
  • The 3210 has a 50 note/entry capacity whereas other phones tend to have a larger capacity.
  • There are only three octaves not 4 like on some other phones. The program will incorrectly report an octave number of 4 instead of 1, 2 or 3. When this happens you will need to shift the whole tune down or up an octave if possible.

Keep Informed...
  Subscribe to our email list for new versions of this software.
(Under no circumstances do we sell or give away your email address!)

Fixes and Changes

Version Date Description
V3.3 29/09/2001 Fixed problems when converting from keypresses generated by other ringtone converter programs.
Added facility to convert all ringtones to .WAV files in one batch.
Added ability to create multiple ringtone lists for your genres.
Added clear ringtone list.
Added delete ringtone list.
Added rename ringtone lists.
V3.2 18/09/2001 This release fixes two main issues.
1. Tone playback now through soundcard not internal speaker. Should now work in Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000
2. Can now save ringtones as WAV files which many people have asked for.
Also, program can dynamically check for updates, new ringtones, and new sites.
V3.1 25/08/2001 Modified tone playback. Hopefully fixes most problems with the ringtone playback function.
V3.0 23/08/2001 Redesigned front end.
Conversion from keypresses now supported.
Added a favourite ringtone list.
Added feature to allow different note seprators to be used for display.
Added export feature to create lists for displaying in web pages or documents.
Added help engine to program.
V2.6 06/07/2001 Tone playback fixed. Tones can now be played back through your PC speaker (not soundcard).
This is for a quick fix and works well.
Removed necessity for the CONV.EXE utility which only seemed to work properly in Windows 95. No .MID files are now produced as they were wrong anyway.
V2.5 25/05/2001 Made some cosmetic modifications. No longer just for the Nokia 3210. Fixed some minor bugs.
V2.4 28/02/2001 Fixed Fixed problem with reading some files with notes in capital letters.
V2.3 27/06/2000 Fixed file errors when trying to play back.
Still seems to be a slight problem with tone playback though. This is an ongoing problem which is being investigated.
V2.2 07/03/2000 Fixed Tempo bug - changing Tempo affects tone playback now.
Fixed Get button being disabled after tone playback.
Fixed other minor bugs.
V2.1 03/03/2000 Fixed spurious 'Run-Time Error 52' bug - again, I think!
Added ring tone playback feature via MIDI playback. A MIDI file is also generated as a result.
V2.0 08/02/2000 New totally rewritten version converts between the two popular formats and allows you to save files in the new formats. The RTTTL files can then be loaded into Nokring to play the tunes.
V1.5 06/12/1999 Fixed spurious 'Run-Time Error 52' bug - I think!
Added link to Web page in Info box.
V1.4 24/11/1999 Fixed keypresses bug. Failed to display pauses.
Added feature to cut and paste RTTTL/Nokring text from a web page directly in the converter without loading a file.
V1.3 22/11/1999 Added feature to display tones in keypress sequences format. Now you only need to press the keys as displayed in the program in the order shown.
V1.2 17/11/1999 Added dotted note feature.
Fixed note count bug (previously reporting one less then the actual number of notes)
Fixed # bug. (The # appeared after the note when it actually appears before the note in the composer window.)
Changed user interface slightly.
V1.1 29/10/1999 Registry bug fix
V1.0 28/10/1999 Initial release

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