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 You will find many Frequently Asked Questions about sending ringtones to your phone here.

Questions Answers

1. Can I send ringtones to my phone from the Ringtone Converter?
No, unfortunately you can't. The Ringtone Converter only converts ringtones between different formats. If your Nokia mobile phone has a Composer built in then you can use the program to type in the keypresses directly in your mobile.

2. Which Nokia phones have a built-in ringtone composer?
For a list of Nokia mobile phones which seem to have a built-in Ringtone Composer Click here.

3. My phone does NOT have a Composer. How do I get ringtones into my phone?
You have 3 options
  1. Buy a datacable for your mobile phone. Then connect this to your PC to have it upload tones directly using software like LogoManager. You do not need the internet for this.
  2. Use our SMS ringtone service. This is very popular at the moment but there is a small charge via a premium rate phone call.
  3. Have a friend (with a phone like the Nokia 3210) send the ringtone from their phone to yours. This will cost similar to sending an SMS or two.
4. Are there any sites that will send ringtones to your phone for free?
Yes and No. Generally speaking the days of free sites have come to an end. There are one or two sites that will send free ringtones to your phone but there is always a catch.

5. Is there a way to convert WAV or MP3 files to ringtone formats?
Not using the ringtone converter. This is technically a very difficult thing to do if not impossible. I haven't seen any program that does this successfully.

6. How do I use the Ringtone Converter?
Easy. Click here for a Step-By-Step Example.

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