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Welcome to the home of the Ringtone Converter!
 Software and Ringtones for your mobile phone.

What is it?

The Ringtone Converter is a program that allows you to enter ringtones quickly and easily into your Nokia mobile phone (includes models 3210 3310 3390 8250) using the in built ringtone composer. You can also convert ringtones into standard RTTTL format for other phones. Then try some free ringtones to use in the program.

Click to view full screenshot
Ringtone Converter - Click to view full screenshot
If you can't use this program or don't want to but need a ringtone,logo or other image sent to your phone then use our instant SMS service!

Main Features
  • Converts ringtones between Keypresses, RTTTL/Nokring and Composer formats.
  • Batch convert all your ringtones to WAV files.
  • Play back ringtones before entering in your phone.
  • Keep multiple lists of your favourite ringtones for easy entry into your phone.
  • Export your ringtones to a list enabling easy insertion into a web page.
  • Regularly updated built-in links to ringtone sites and other top mobile phone sites.
Supported Conversion Formats
  • RTTTL/Nokring (a format used in the Nokring program)
  • Nokia Composer (used by the Nokia phone)
  • Nokia Keypresses (the sequence of keypresses on the composer in your Nokia phone)
    Just key the converted ringtone into your Nokia after conversion. It's as simple as that.
  • Save ringtones as WAV files. These can be played on any computer.
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